Care & Handling

While other national cabinet companies have adopted faster automated sanding and spray techniques, Cabinet Designs still does it the old fashioned way - by hand. All Cabinet Designs stain and glaze applications incorporate multiple hand sanding operations and a multi-step, hand-rubbed process for a beautiful, award winning finish. Proper care of your cabinet finish will ensure years of beauty.


  • Always remove dust with a feather duster or soft cotton cloth prior to cleaning.
  • Wood components: Use a lightly damp (never wet) clean towel or rag to remove grime/grease. Murphy’s soap or equivalent (must not contain waxes or silicone oils) mixed ten parts water to one can be used for heavier soiled cabinets.
  • Do not use soaps, cleaners, solvents, waxes, ammonia, Windex or other household chemicals that contain alkaline. Please note: even overspray of these products can effect your finish.
  • Your cabinetry should be dried with a soft cloth after cleaning.
  • Furniture cleaners are also not recommended. Most are not necessarily harmful, they provide little to no benefit.
  • We do sell a "Cabinet Care Kit" in our showroom...ask us about it.

Touch Up

Damage to most cabinet finishes (chips, dings, scratches) can be repaired by your local furniture repair company. If you want to repair minor damages yourself, we sell matching touch up stain, markers, wax sticks, and finish putty from our showroom in Rockledge, FL.