Yes, it's true. We build your cabinets from scratch!

We believe that when it comes to cabinetry: design, quality, and functionality does matter. Check out our portfolio here.

"Custom" means just that: we build cabinetry to fit your exact space and specifications to the 1/16". And since we are the manufacturer and hand-build every part of your cabinet, we are able to offer the highest quality cabinet at prices near (and many times under) a prefabricated kitchen from a big box home center.

We invite you to compare our quality, cost, and fit with any line of cabinets in the area and we're sure you'll agree that the value of our hand-made locally manufactured cabinets can't be beat.

Here are some of the reasons we believe this is true:

Quality: Our cabinets, doors, and drawers are always all wood and hand-built. Soft close drawer guides and door hinges are standard. You won't find a piece of MDF or particle board in our shop.

Construction: Every cabinet door is built with 100% hardwood, including the panel. We use only domestic plywood, no cheap imports. Every cabinet is built with 3/4” sides, front, and bottom, and 1/2” for the top, back and drawers. Our cabinets are built with the quality and strength to outlive you.

Styles: You name it, we can do it. Traditional, contemporary, cottage, country, shaker, modern, Victorian, old world. We build all of our own doors which means you're not limited on as the manufacturer we can build any style you'd like.

Wood Species: You can choose from a basic Maple, Cherry, Oak or an exotic like Sapele, Bubinga, or Wenge. Just let us know what you want and we'll get it.

Sizes: Each cabinet is built from scratch in our facility. There are no limitations on width, height, or depth. We build any size or shape to fit any space. We maximize every inch of space available and we curse the use of unnecessary filler.

Finish: Our finish technician is simply the best. In addition, we blend all of our own lacquer paints and stains. (we are a Mohawk Finishing Products distributor).

  • Paint – You may choose any color paint
  • Stain – We have hundreds to choose from and we can match or create a custom color
  • Glaze – We have several different techniques and colors for you to choose from. A glaze can be applied to a paint or stain.

Connected runs: We make uninterrupted runs up to 8' long where possible, and in any configuration of door/drawer sizes. This is particularly important on islands and peninsulas where you want a seamless back. This also makes for an easier installation.

Computer precision: Many of the techniques that we use have been around for generations; however new technology hasn't eluded us either. Your kitchen design will be drawn up on a computer and we will provide you with 3D renderings of your proposed kitchen for your review. Cabinet components are machined with a CNC router for accuracy and consistency.

We are local: We've seen it so many times when you order pre-fabricated cabinets from a big box store: one cabinet size was ordered incorrectly or a cabinet was damaged in shipping or the sink base was out of stock. And they tell you it will take 3 weeks for the new one to come in. This holds your project up big time.

As the local manufacturer, many times we'll handle any issue the day of and keep your project moving right along. If we're short on crown molding or the electrician chips the edge of the cabinet, we'll send our guys out and take care of it right away.

And every cabinet is not only made in the USA, but made in Brevard County, FL!

Installation: The most overlooked aspect of beautiful cabinetry is the installation. An experienced installer is vital to the overall fit and appearance of your new cabinetry. Our installation team has been with us for 11 years and they are meticulous craftsmen. No detail is missed.


Before we can answer the question "How much would this kitchen cost?", we have a lot of questions to ask you: we need to know rough measurements, finish type, wood species, door style, options, etc. Of course, a kitchen plan usually evolves a lot from the time we first meet to the final product, but we need to get started somewhere. We strive to provide as accurate estimate as possible, and never with any gimmicks. We don't offer sales, coupons, or discounts. Our price is our price.

So how to get started? Gather up your ideas and give us a call at (321) 636-1101, or come on out. Appointments are appreciated, but not required. If you'd like for us to contact you, please fill out the form below and we'll give you a call.

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